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Jerrell Blackmon

HC 74 Box 957
Graham, Texas 76450


Jerrell has always enjoyed working with metal. Since his retirement, he has taken up spur making to occupy his time and his hands. Each pair of spurs is 100% handmade and no two pair are alike. Because the spurs are handmade, there will be imperfections that you won't find in mass produced items but many people feel that's what makes them so desirable to own.

Jerrell creates his spurs from many different metals including axles and railroad spikes. There is more metal in his shanks than in many of the spurs that are mass produced in other countries.

Jerrell enjoys Single Action Shooting and is a SASS member. He takes every opportunity to study spurs and draws inspiration from them. Born the son of a blacksmith, he was raised around a blacksmith shop and his late brother was an artist and blacksmith. Jerrell is a retired Peace Officer and Corrections Officer.

Jerrell Blackmon

Jerrell Blackmon
aka Toughnut Jackson


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