Outlaw's Spurs

Jerrell Blackmon

HC 74 Box 957
Graham, Texas 76450


The Outlaw has retired due to health reasons.  I appreciate everyone who has purchased a pair of my custom built spurs and everyone who has expressed interest in purchasing them.

Outlaw's Spurs - handcrafted spurs made one pair at a time by Texas native and bonafide redneck, Jerrell Blackmon. Blackmon's spurs are 100% handmade - meaning no two pair are alike.

The cutting spurs below are built from a "four in hand" file. They have Silver covered Buttons and Silver Accents on the heelband. These spurs have a 1½" blunt rowel attached with cotter pin so it can be changed out, a 2½" cutting shank, and will fit a size 9 - 11 boot.


The Spurs

The Spur Maker


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